Dream of: 21 November 2001 "Whoopi Goldberg Clock"

A man (who looked like Gene Hackman) and I had been visiting the house of a woman (probably in her late 20s). The woman wasn't home, and while the man and I were in her home, the man took several cardboard boxes filled with items which belonged to the woman. The man wasn't stealing the possessions; he was merely taking them as security, because the woman was supposed to do something for him. The man brought the boxes to my place and deposited them with me.

After the man left, I looked thorough one of the boxes and found an interesting and colorful clock. It was about 20 centimeters square, and almost resembled a box, with one side cut out, so a person could look inside. The interior of the clock displayed an extravagant abstract resemblance of the actress Whoopi Goldberg; I thought it was gorgeous. I already had a clock which displayed the characters from the old television series, "The Addams Family," and I wished I could keep this clock as well. But I knew that eventually I would have to give it up.

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