Dream of: 14 November 2001 (2) "Car In The Creek"

My father had bought a young white calf which was standing outside the Gallia County Farmhouse. As I examined the calf, I became painfully aware that  it was ill. It refused to eat; thick gobs of feces were hanging from its rectum. Another person stepped up and began examining the animal. The feces was removed. The calf seemed to regain strength and was finally led away.

My sister (about 20 years old) approached me and we began talking about the calf. I told her our father intended to sell the calf for veal. My sister naively asked me what veal was. Surprised that she didn't know, I explained that veal was calf's meat. She seemed shocked; she couldn't believe our father would do such a thing. She left me and walked back into the Farmhouse, apparently to confront our father.

After a few minutes, I also walked back inside, into the kitchen, where I discovered my mother (perhaps 50 years old). She and I didn't speak; instead, I began listening to my father and sister talking in the living room, next to the kitchen. I hadn't intended to eavesdrop, but they were talking so loudly, I couldn't help hearing. My sister had asked my father if he intended to sell the calf for veal, and he adamantly denied that he intended to do so. My father seemed agitated by my sister's accusation and he seemed worried that she might be siding with me against him. Apparently he and I hadn't been getting along well lately, and he seemed concerned that my sister might also turn against him.

I had heard enough – I didn't want one of them to walk into the kitchen and think I was listening to them – and I walked out of the kitchen. I headed up the hill behind the House toward the old tobacco barn. I had earlier noticed some other people in the Farmhouse – people who somehow seemed related to my father, but not to me. Two of these fellows (they both had black hair and were probably in their early 20s) had walked out of the Farmhouse, jumped into a white car, and started speeding up the same hill which I was walking. Their car was moving too fast, especially since the ground was carpeted with a thick layer of white snow. About half way up the hill, the driver lost control of the car. In rapid succession, the car crashed over the side of the hill into the dirt road which runs along the side of the hill, rolled down the hill toward the creek at the bottom of the hill and finally crashed over the cliff on the east side of the bridge and into the creek. Badly damaged, the car landed upside down on top of the water, floating there. I doubted anyone had survived – but I thought if we reached the car, we might be able to save someone. I ran back down the hill toward the House, screaming, "Car in the creek! Car in the creek!"

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