Dream of: 07 November 2001 "Premonition"

I was sitting in a class of 25-30 students. When the class ended and the students headed for the door, I lagged behind in my seat. I was concerned about something attached to my desk – underneath, about knee high. A tinkertoy-like wooden stick – about 20 centimeters long – was sticking out of the desk. Another small round tinkertoy-like wooden piece was attached to the stick – such that the round piece could slide back and forth over the length of the stick. Remarkably, the small wooden piece was sliding back and forth in rapid succession – attracting my attention. Instinctively I comprehended the purpose of the device: a hurricane alarm; if the small round piece was moving, a hurricane was imminent.

My presentiment found support when I stood from my desk and discovered a similar device attached to another desk – the second device likewise was in rapid motion.

I hurried to my old friend, Steve Buckner – one of the few students who hadn't yet left the room – and I began explaining what I had discovered, but he seemed unconcerned. Ignoring his complacency, I led him to a large window – even I was stunned by what I saw: the horizon – almost completely – was filled with the largest black tornado I had ever seen. The size of the tornado left little hope of escape. Nevertheless, I told Buckner we might still escape if we could only make it to the basement. We hurried off.


The tornado had passed; Buckner and I were emerging from the ruins. Three other people were with us – five of us in all had survived. One fellow – when the tornado had struck – had been lying on the ground and some cans of orange paint had turned over on him. Now he was completely covered from head to toe with orange paint. Small pieces of clutter were stuck in the paint, creating a frightful picture.

The five of us looked out on the devastation; perhaps everyone in the world – except we five – had been killed. Or perhaps only a few small bands of people – such as we – had survived; perhaps the bands would be pitted for survival against each other in primitive warfare. When I expressed my premonition to the others, one of my group – a female – made fun of me; she pointed out a highway in the distance, with dozens of cars passing along it.

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