Dream of: 06 November 2001 "Interlocking Eagles"

I had joined a group of mystics – about six young oriental men who lived in a huge light-filled cave in an oriental country. The men were trained in various arts, one of which was martial arts. On my first day – inside a spacious rocky chamber of the cave – I was handed a rod almost three meters long and paired off against one of the other oriental men. He also had a long rod. We were both dressed all in white.

We began sparing – or rather he began sparing and I at first stood in dumbfounded confusion. The idea, apparently, wasn't to hit the opponent, but to execute elaborate dance-like steps while swinging the rod in artistic stylized sweeps. I was virtually mesmerized by my opponent's virtuosity. He jumped and danced from one side of me to the other. I finally tried to mimic his motions; but I was a sorry sight next to him. However, when we had finished and we began talking about what we had done, he praised me for my effort. He explained that the steps and the use of the rod couldn't be taught in the normal fashion, but had to be learned by practice. In time, I would develop my own style which would be different from anyone else's.

After I had set my rod aside, one of the oriental men and I walked out to the front of the cave and stood under the blue sky. As we looked up over our heads we saw several large dark birds flying over us. The other fellow said the birds were a certain type, but I disagreed with his identification, and I declared the birds were eagles. I focused in on two or three of the birds (I couldn't be sure of the number, they were flying so close to each other). Two of the birds faced off in the sky and interlocked their claws. This face-off and interlocking of the claws supported my identification of the birds as eagles, because I had seen film footage showing such behavior of interlocking eagles. As the two birds faced each other and clung to each other, they couldn't fly; they began falling – fluttering – toward the earth. The silhouette of their black entwined bodies was quit impressive.

Just as the two birds were about to hit the earth, other birds from the flock rushed toward them, and in an indistinct flurry, the birds landed not far from me and my companion. I sensed, more than saw, an amazing metamorphosis – six birds had changed into six young men! They were all white and were all dressed in black, each of them wearing a black leather jacket. As the six men began walking toward my companion and me, I could sense their strength – obvious from their skills at flying and changing forms. I also sensed that they might be a threat to us, that they might be a rival group to the oriental group which I had joined.

Once the six leather-clad men reached my companion and me, I became aware of how tall they were and how short I was – they were all easily twice as tall as I. At least – I reflected – my companion was as tall as they. I wondered if I would one day be as tall. But even in my diminutive state, I wasn't afraid of the men, even though they could obviously do me harm. My companion likewise showed no fear. I sensed that he intended to summon the other members of our group from the interior of the cave, and that together we would face the six newcomers. Would we then do battle? – I didn't know.

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