Dream of: 03 November 2001 "Crimson King"

I was planning to spend the weekend out in the forest in a log cabin which I owned. My father had been responsible for building the cabin – he had even placed and arranged the furniture inside. I had, however, been involved in the construction, and the cabin belonged to me. But, before I was able to go to the cabin, I received an offer from someone who wanted to buy it. The offer was a good one, and I decided to sell the cabin. Selling the cabin would mean canceling my plans for the weekend; but I wasn't concerned. I was being offered a handsome price for the cabin and I could quickly build another one. When I told my father of my intention to sell the cabin, I explained I might simply build one cabin after another, selling each in turn, always improving my building skills. Some day, I might even be able to build a two-story log cabin.

My father accompanied me to the cabin so I could start getting it ready for the sale. The contract of sale hadn't been finalized yet, so the buyer could still back out. But nothing would be lost by straightening up the cabin, even if I didn't sell it.

When we arrived at the cabin, before we entered, we walked around outside the cabin. In the weeds I found a long brown cigar in a clear case. I picked up the cigar, showed it to my father and asked him if it were his. He took the case and the cigar in his hand, looked at it and said they were his. He seemed to think the cigar was still in good shape (I had some doubts), and he kept it.

We walked into the cabin into the living room. I first noticed the arrangement of the furniture: my father had placed the furniture in the room, and although the furniture was satisfactory, I would have arranged it differently had I been the one to place it in the room.

My father sat down in the living room while I walked through the other rooms and began picking up things lying around. I piled several towels in a stack, and then began piling other objects in different stacks. I worked for quite a long time. Finally I found some cassette tapes and decided to listen to some music while I was working. I didn't know what was on many of the tapes and many tapes had no labels. This would be a good time to listen to the tapes and sort the good ones from the bad. If a tape were no good, I could use it later to record on.

The first couple tapes had nothing on them worth saving. One contained some music interspersed with someone talking: the tape must have been recorded off the radio. I put it in the stack which I would later record over. Finally I found a stack of tapes which looked like computer disks. Many of these tapes seemed to be originals and some had small covers just like album covers on the front. As I flipped through them I found two copies of the same album, an album by an old group called the Crimson King, the album with the screaming red face on the cover. I should listen to these two tapes and decide which one was best. Maybe I could sell the other one on Ebay. I thought to myself that I had no idea what this album sounded like. If I were having this experience in a dream and I wrote the dream down and posted it on my website, people would think that since I had two copies of this same album, I must be an aficionado of this group. But that wasn't the case at all.

As I continued my work, I became aware of a girl (probably 12-13 years old) in the house. She was standing over to the side, in a hallway. Gradually I focused more attention on her. She was holding a camera and was taking pictures of a little furry animal, about the size of a cat or small dog – but it wasn't a cat or dog. The animal had a hole – about a centimeter in diameter – in the side of its stomach; the animal was trying to give birth and the offspring were supposed to issue through the hole. But the animal was having difficulty and the babies wouldn't come out. The girl began explaining that when this animal lived in the wild, it was necessary for a similar animal to stand beside the animal giving birth and stare into the hole before the offspring would come out. Since the girl didn't have a similar animal, she set a cat beside the animal. The cat sat and stared at the hole in the animal's side. Suddenly a small indistinct form, not more than a two centimeters long slid out the hole; then another and another. I still couldn't identify the animal. But it looked as if the birth were going to be successful.

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