Dream of: 25 October 2001 "How Can We Miss It – The Beauty?"

While I was attending a party in an old frame house – filled with odd people – a fellow began trying to sell me some drugs. Although I wasn't interested in the drugs, I was curious about the nature of his wares, whether he was selling speed, hallucinogens or something else. However, when I was unable to ascertain exactly what he was selling, in order to escape him, I finally walked outside and climbed a tree. One of the top branches of the tree was chopped off so I could stand, albeit dangerously, at the top, and view my surroundings. When I was finally satisfied that the fellow had disappeared, I climbed back down from the tree and re-entered the house.

The party, however, had lost its charm, and I was ready to leave. Since I was on the second floor, I climbed out the window and unto the window ledge. Before I could depart, I was stopped by a small green caterpillar which crawled onto my hand. The caterpillar was my friend; we had come to the party together, but now the caterpillar was upset because I was ready to leave, and I was afraid he would bite me. Suddenly my fears were realized as the caterpillar bit into my finger. I could feel a certain poison run through me. I endured the bite for several seconds, then flipped the caterpillar from my finger, watching it fall from the second story to the earth below. As soon as the caterpillar hit the ground, a grasshopper – about five centimeters long – ran up to and tried to attack the caterpillar; but the caterpillar escaped and began climbing back up the side of the house.

Realizing I needed to escape before the caterpillar reached me, I jumped from the window, and fell into some bushes below the window. When I stood up, I could see that quite a few people were outside in the yard. I didn't want to talk with anyone else; I just wanted to leave. I decided the quickest way for me to depart would be to simply fly out of here.

I began rising in the air – not quickly – but very slowly. When I was only about a meter off the ground, a fellow (probably in his late 20s) walked up to me. He was my cousin. He wanted to tell me something. I paused and leveled off, assuming a lying position on my back, floating about a meter off the ground, about waist-high of my cousin.

I felt extremely peaceful and in harmony with the world. I listened as my cousin told me that he was going to go to a party at Richard Nixon's house. My cousin gave a good reason for going, but then admitted that he was going to Nixon's party because his (my cousin's) drug addiction drove him there. I had never cared for Richard Nixon; but I listened with a feeling of deep attachment for my cousin, and finally I answered him, "Nixon, I love even you. Think what I must feel for my own flesh and blood."

With that, I seemed to drift into an amazingly blissful state of mind. Still floating above the ground, I had a vision of spectacular beauty. In essence, the vision was quite simple – I simply saw a huge brown boulder which contained a few fist-sized hunks of crystalline or granite material; but the crystal or granite was mesmerizingly beautiful. I starred at the diamond-like substance and uttered, "Ah, the world is so beautiful. How can we miss it – the beauty?"

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