Dream of: 22 October 2001 "Torture Chamber"

With a group of people, I was climbing down the side of a steep, lush mountain which seemed to be somewhere in South America. We were all in a hurry, because we were being pursued by some indigenous people trying to capture us. From where we stood on the side of the mountain, I could look straight across to the neighboring mountain, and see our pursuers, the size of ants, they were so far away. But I knew they could move fast and we needed to hurry.

I just wished I had a gun. If by some chance I could only find a handgun which someone had dropped here in the vegetation… then at least I would have a chance of defending myself.

Soon, as we slowly descended the steep mountain, we could hear our pursuers up above us, following us down the mountain. I feared they were almost upon us. Below me I could see a large building which seemed to rise out of the valley. As I climbed closer to the building – a metal warehouse with a metal roof – I conceived the notion that if I would leap out into the air, I could land on the roof of the building. Sensing our pursuers were just about to catch me, in an act of desperation, I leaped out, sailed briefly through the air, then landed on the roof of the building.

However, now I seemed in a worse fix than before. I hadn't counted on the roof of the building being so steep; as I began sliding down the roof, I grabbed and clawed with my hands and fingernails to the roof. I even used my teeth, clamping down on the hard metal, trying to halt my slide.

Finally, I was able to stabilize myself, although I still had to hang on tightly to prevent my sliding. Now, however, I began to realize just how dire was my predicament. This building wouldn't prove to be a place of refuge – indeed, this building was a torture chamber! I could hear a voice describing the interior of the building and the tortures which took place there. I wanted to find a crack in the roof so I could look inside. But even without finding a crack, I experienced a brief vision of the interior of the building: Gregory Peck had already been captured and was being tortured inside the building. I seemed to recall having seen Peck earlier in my group. The voice said this was one of the worst places for torture in all of history.

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