Dream of: 21 October 2001 "Flying Companion"

I had been sitting at a computer, connected to my stock broker, trading stocks. At the end of the session I had sold a stock short, a stock with which I wasn't well-acquainted. Then I had lain down and fallen asleep for several hours.

When I awoke, I again sat down at the computer and accessed my stock broker. However, something was wrong: only a few blurry specks of light appeared on the screen. I noticed my father also sitting at a computer on the other side of the room. He and I hadn't spoken in quite a while; I thought I would like to show him how my stock broker worked. Since my father liked to trade stocks, I thought he might appreciate the speed at which I was able to make trades, but I could see that he was having the same problem with his computer: he also only had a blank screen with a few specks of light on it.

Gradually I became aware of what had happened while I had been sleeping: the stock market had crashed! Within a few hours the stock market had lost over 60% of its value. My father commented that today had been one of the six most significant days in stock market history. I was very concerned. I knew I had about $90,000 in my stock account. If I had lost 60%, that would mean I would have lost $50,000: I would be down to only having $40,000! Fortunately I shouldn't have lost that much, because I didn't have the entire account invested in stocks. And I remembered that just before I had fallen asleep, I had sold some stock short, which would mean that for that stock I would actually make money in a falling market.

I was mainly interested in some shares I owned of Intel. I frequently bought and sold Intel, and I was sure I owned some at present, although I couldn't remember how many shares. From some information seeping through the computer, I was hearing that Intel had sunk from $20 a share to $8 a share. I needed to know as quickly as possible how many shares I had.

I was also concerned about my mother, who had invested most of her savings in stocks. I had recently been counseling her to liquidate some of her stock positions, but she had failed to heed my advice. It now appeared possible that she had lost over half her money. I picked up a phone and called her. She immediately came on the line; she seemed quite calm about the collapse. She was aware of what had happened, but she seemed to stoically accept the loss. I told her I just felt sick about the whole matter. I had already decided what I was going to do: I told her that as soon as I could access my account, I was going to buy as much stock as I could with the money I had left. If the stock market had fallen so much so fast, it was highly probably the market would quickly rise again. I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

I hung up the phone. Still unable to access my broker on the computer, I decided I would go to the library, which had computers with internet access available to the public. I stood, walked outside, and began walking along a dirt path in the direction of the library, perhaps half a kilometer away.

Other people were also traveling the narrow path and I soon encountered a group of females (probably in their early 20s) slowly walking along in front of me, blocking my way. I shuffled along behind them for a short ways, growing increasingly impatient. Finally, I decided what I needed to do: I would fly past them. To fly past them however would be difficult, because I wasn't already in the air. I knew how to fly quite well once I was in the air; but rising from the ground was something quite different. Nevertheless, I would try. I stopped dead in the path and began willing myself to lift straight up into the air. I concentrated with all my might. I was familiar with this kind of intense concentration, although I was still a novice at it. It was still a strange sensation to me to concentrate with all my might on trying to do something I wasn't entirely sure how to do.

Suddenly, my feet left the ground. I began using my arms, flapping slowly, as if I could help push myself up. Within a few seconds, I was high enough so I could fly over the heads of the women in front of me. I flew past them, confident now of my power. But I needed to go higher – the path was winding into some trees, and I didn't want to fly under the tree branches, but to rise completely above the trees and fly over them. Now when I willed myself to rise, I was in control. I rose above the trees and looked down in satisfaction at the forest below. In the distance I could see the quaint little town where the library lay, and I directed my course accordingly.

However, to my utter surprise, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone there above the trees. Just a short distance behind me was flying one of the women who had been on the path in front of me! – she also had taken flight and was following me. I could clearly see her. Probably in her early 20s, she had shoulder-length light-brown wavy hair. She was dressed in a long print dress which fluttered in the wind. Her presence was utterly delightful. I couldn't remember having ever flown with anyone before; I had always flown by myself. Obviously I had much to learn.

We didn't talk or communicate, and I quickly found myself inside the library. She was still behind me as I walked through the library, but now the other women who had been with her on the path were walking with her. How had they arrived there so quickly? Had they also flown? Was there a whole group of people out there who could fly, people whom I had never met? I seemed on the verge of something new.

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