Dream of: 18 October 2001 "Large Drab Building"

Carolina and I had been living for several months in a house which faced Grant Junior High School. We lived on Union Street, a couple houses south of 5th Street. As she and I sat on the front porch of our white frame house, the dark-brown brick school loomed large in front of us, blocking our vision. The drab wall of the school wasn't a pretty sight; I wished we had more of a view. I could see some of the house on the north side of 5th street, but little more.

I mentioned to Carolina we had already lived here several months, yet we still hadn't met anyone in the neighborhood. I would like to know who my neighbors were. I could remember the lay of the houses up and down the street from when I used to go to school at Grant (some houses were rather shabby) ; I wondered who lived in the houses now. Maybe we could join some local organization and meet some of our neighbors that way.

My pet Dalmatian Picasso was running around in the front yard. A couple of large collies showed up and walked up to the lounge chair where I was sitting. They seemed friendly and I called one of them "Lassie." While my attention was focused on the collies, Picasso disappeared. Carolina and I stood to go look for him. I told her to walk around behind the house and I would walk up the street in front. But then I stopped and corrected myself; it might not be safe for her behind the house. I told her to stay in front and I would look for Picasso behind the house.

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