Dream of: 13 October 2001 (3) "Bogart And Sinatra"

All kinds of people had come to visit me in the house where my wife Carolina and I were living. The house seemed rather old painted walls and heavy wooden doors and it was quite untidy with possessions strewn here and there. But no one seemed to mind, and all of us were having a good time.

As the festivity progressed, I found myself in the back bedroom. A black-haired woman (probably in her early 20s) was standing in front of me; she seemed Italian. I sat down on the oversized mattress perhaps three times the size of a normal mattress which was stretched out on the floor with several other people lying on it, and watched as the woman raised her thin print dress to her waist, revealing her black pubic area. I was more intrigued than aroused, and not disappointed when the woman lowered her dress and walked from the room.

What interested me far more was one of the people crawling around on the mattress: Humphrey Bogart (about 50 years old); his hair was coal black, his face commanding. I lay down on my back, and to my delight, he lay down on his back on top of me, so his head was right next to my head, on my left. I asked him if he remembered having met me once before at another house where I used to live. He hadn't remembered, but now that I brought the meeting to his attention, he did remember, and he immediately seemed more at ease lying on top of me. I was delighted; I thought to myself that I had never been this close to anyone who had won an academy award. And he seemed in no hurry to leave. So we talked.

I was aware he hadn't made any movies in a long time. I asked him how many movies he had made during his life and he told me he had made 49. At first I thought the number seemed much too low; but then I reconsidered and decided the number seemed correct. I asked him if he intended to make any more. He indicated he would like to make more, but he seemed vague and reluctant to delve into the subject. He seemed to think he was over the hill and his movie-making career was finished. But I still had faith in him; I wondered if I could do anything to help him.

As we continued to lie on the mattress, I noticed Carolina standing near the door to the room. She looked extremely delicate and pretty. She was dressed in a white silky dress which was particularly becoming on her. We hadn't been getting along well of late, but now I wanted to be close to her. I nodded with my head that she should come to the mattress and lie next to me on the spot on my right. But she declined; apparently she felt it would be inappropriate to get in bed with two men.

Finally, Bogart pulled himself off me and began moving around the mattress again. I felt as if he and I had made a real connection and I would be able to talk to him later. But at the moment, I noticed someone else on the mattress who interested me. I raised myself up on my knees right next to Frank Sinatra! Sinatra looked as if he were only about twenty-five, exactly the way he had looked in his crooner days. He didn't resist at all when I reached out, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. I felt extremely close to him; and as I hugged him, it seemed as if I could feel the essence of the man, and I could tell he was indeed a good man. I was aware that in his later life he had received bad press; but this was a good man. He let me hug him as long as I wanted. Finally I let go, and he also began moving around the mattress.

As I sat back on the mattress, I noticed Carolina was no longer standing by the door. I stood up and walked over to the door, opened it, and found her standing right in front of me in the other room, which was crowded with people. I pulled her to me and held her in my arms. I wanted to dance and we began a slow shuffle. I was clumsy, but it felt so good to have her in my arms. She was so pretty and felt so soft. I loved being with her.

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