Dream of: 13 October 2001 "Avestruz"

I had gone camping by myself in a wooded area. I had no tent; I simply spread out my sleeping bag on the ground and I lay down on top of it. After only a few minutes, I heard the sound of running feet in the woods not far from me. Clearly a herd of animals was racing through the forest. Even though I couldn't see the animals, almost instinctively I concluded that they were ostriches; in my mind I was identifying them with the Spanish word for ostrich – "avestruz."

I quickly pulled out a cell phone which I had brought with me and I called my mother. I thought she would like to know that a herd of wild ostriches was running through the woods next to me. Almost as soon as my mother came on the line, I saw the heads of three of the ostriches poke up in the brush. I excitedly, but quietly, told my mother what I was seeing. I talked with her for a few more minutes until the ostriches disappeared, then I hung up.

It was beginning to grow dark and again I stretched out on my sleeping bag., but again I heard something, and looking into the woods, near a small stream about 30 meters from me, I saw a black bear. I was both happy and alarmed by the sight. I had never seen a bear in the wild, so the sight was indeed a thrill, but I was also apprehensive. The bear wasn't large, and I had previously heard that bears roamed this area and were of no danger; but the idea of sleeping in the vicinity of bears didn't sit well with me.

The bear walked over to a huge boulder which had a hole in the front of it, and the bear slipped into the hole. Apparently the hole was the entrance to a cave. Two other huge boulders were also nearby – three in all – and the other two boulders also had holes in front. I starred in amazement as three bears came out of all three holes. Now I was definitely alarmed. I didn't see how I could stay there with three bears on the loose.

What happened next definitely made up my mind: a gorilla, holding a second baby gorilla, stepped out of one cave. I was fascinated to be witnessing the creatures, but I surely wasn't going to sleep there in the neighborhood of gorillas. I continued to stare, trying to decide what I would do next.

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