Dream of: 12 October 2001 "Korean War"

I was on board a space ship headed to the moon. The ship was somewhat similar to a plane; I was sitting in the passenger section with other passengers while the crew was in the cockpit, piloting the ship. I was still a little confused because I hadn't even been aware I was going to fly to the moon until I was on the ship and we were underway. But now I happily accepted where I was and looked forward to arrival.

When I looked out the window, I had my first glimpse of the shinning moon. We had already traveled close enough so the moon looked twice its regular size. White as snow, the moon's craters were much more prominent than I had ever seen them.

I looked away for a while, and when I looked again, we had almost arrived! The moon was right below us; we were ready to land. Now all I could see was whiteness, as if the moon were completely covered with snow.

We began our descent, and in short order we were touching down. Everything outside appeared to be clad in snow. However, the other passengers and I were confused by what we saw on the ground: we were landing on a paved road! As we touched down and rolled along the road, I noticed a country store sitting along side the road. Several cars, all appearing to be models from the 1950s were sitting around the store.

The pilot, whom we could plainly see sitting at the front of the ship, seemed completely unaware of the street and the store. I spoke up and told him we had just passed by a store. He couldn't believe it. When I told him several cars had been sitting outside the store, he asked me how old they looked; I told him they looked as if they were from the 1950's.

As soon as I had told him the vintage of the cars, I began to suspect what had happened: we had traveled back in time and had landed on earth in the 1950's. We would soon de-board the ship and talk with the local folk. If we had indeed traveled back in time, I thought we would need to show the people some proof. What event of the 1950's could I talk about? Immediately the Korean War came to mind. Perhaps the Korean War hadn't yet begun; perhaps the War would begin in just a few days. If I could talk to the local people and predict the outbreak of the Korean War, they would believe I was from the future.

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