Dream of: 11 October 2001 "Devastation"

As I was sitting in the Summerdale Drive House and watching television, a news bulletin flashed on the screen. A brilliant red explosion, apparently in the clouds above the earth, was displayed on the tube. No explanation was given about where the explosion had been, but I immediately formed my own conclusions: the explosion was an atomic bomb which had been detonated by terrorists.

I had been expecting this kind of terrorism, but I was still shocked to actually witness it. I was also frightened. If terrorists had atomic weapons, they could detonate them anywhere; if an atomic bomb exploded in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I could be killed. I had a vivid image of what would happen to my whole neighborhood. First a hot wind, with the force of a hurricane would blast all the houses. Roofs and walls would fly off. Then the main power of the bomb would strike; houses would explode into flames and just disappear; only rubble would remain. No help would be available for the survivors. If many cities were hit, the United States wouldn't have the funds to aid everyone; the victims would simply have to fend for themselves.

The vision was devastating; if the bombing had already begun, I saw only one alternative: I had to flee. I needed to leave town before the roads became clogged with other fleeing people. I needed to go now. I called to Carolina, who was also somewhere in the house; I screamed, "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

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