Dream of: 09 October 2001 "Kay And Kaye"

A beautiful blonde woman (about 30 years old) whom I had met in the mid 1970s in Columbus, Ohio, was roller-blading with me. I thought her name was Kay. We reached a steep slope and as I looked down, I became frightened at the steepness. Kay reached over and pushed down my penis, which was erect. Then we skated effortlessly down the slope. Our faces touched – we were so close; we were so much alike.

We reached a building and entered. Inside, I discovered Danny Kaye (about 40 years old), who worked here. He showed me around the large room until we found a cabinet with a whiskey bottle. We both took a drink of the whiskey, which didn't burn as it went down. We continued touring. The sides of the room were made of glass, so we could see outside into the lush fields which surrounded the building.

The room was filled with tables and chairs; people soon began gathering and taking seats. Many movie stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, were among them. My ex-wife Louise also showed up and sat down. She had gained some weight.

Kaye, Kay, and I sat down at the same table. I mentioned to them that I had a web page for each of them on my dream journal web site. Then I asked Kaye if he minded being asked about the movies in which he had starred. I wanted to tell him I thought his best roles had been in the movies The Court Jester and another movie whose name I couldn't remember. When I told him I couldn't remember the name of the movie, he pulled out his billfold to check the names of movies that he also had forgotten.

As we talked, I remembered Kaye had the unusual talent of being able to talk extremely fast. I had seen him do so in his movies. I wondered if he would ever act in a movie again.

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