Dream of: 28 September 2001 "Particularly Enticing"

Carolina and I were sitting next to each other, having a discussion about breaking up. I explained to her part of the problem was our lifestyles: she wanted a more traditional settle down life, to have a home and live in one spot in central Texas; I was more inclined to ramble. If I settled down anywhere in Texas, I would want to be on the border with Mexico, an area of which Carolina was not fond.

We also had a problem because she was working and I wasn't. When we had first married, I worked and supported her. However, now our positions were reversed and she was working. I didn't intend to find a job anytime soon. As a result, I was afraid Carolina would have the feeling she was supporting me. I didn't particularly mind, and I told her the idea wasn't unappealing to me. But I was afraid if she continued to work, and I didn't, the situation would begin to grate on her. It might be best that we split up now, and avoid problems later.

As we talked, I noticed Carolina (19-20 years old) looked particularly enticing today. Her body was in excellent shape. I leaned toward her, gently pulling her closer to me. Our faces moved toward each other as we prepared to kiss.

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