Dream of: 23 September 2001 "Orphans"

My mother and I were in the House in Patriot. She was in the prime of life, full of vim, with dark brown hair. She was telling me of a project she had recently undertaken: finding homes for orphaned children. I was a bit astonished: this didn't sound like her. She was generally reclusive and disinclined to become involved in weighty undertakings, but apparently she had already placed several children in new homes, and she anticipated doing so for many others. The work seemed to have invigorated her with new energy.

Where did she find the children, I asked her. She explained she had stumbled upon them by accident. Apparently she had met an old friend in Portsmouth, a man named Charlie Brown (an actual man, not the cartoon character), on the street one day and had begun talking with him. He worked for the city of Portsmouth in the municipal building on Second Street. Through his job, he had access to abandoned children. He and my mother had fallen to talking about the children, and her project had resulted.

I was definitely impressed. At one time in my life, I had even thought of involving myself in such work; I had once contemplated finding orphaned children in Latin American and locating homes for them in the United States. Was it possible I could still do something like this? If my mother had been able to find someone in Portsmouth who had access to abandoned children, then similar people in other towns must have access to abandoned children. If I were determined, I could go from town to town, looking for similar city officials who could provide abandoned children for adoption. Just the idea of doing so filled me with a sense of well-being.

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