Dream of: 21 September 2001 "New Moon"

I was sleeping on a couch in the front room of a house, when I was suddenly awakened by my sister (11-12 years old); she stormed into the room screaming and crying, complaining about something. I was confused by what was happening, but I slowly gathered that my mother wanted my sister to get up out of bed and go with her (my mother) to Patriot (about an hour away) and my sister didn't want to go. Apparently my mother had already whipped, or was going to whip, my sister.

I groggily stood up and walked down the hall, where I saw my father asleep in one bedroom. I also encountered my mother and I asked her what time it was; she said it was 12:30 in the morning!

Now I realized my mother was the one acting irrationally, trying to make my sister get up in the middle of the night to go to Patriot. I told my mother that she (my mother) was crazy, and I added, "You're the one who ought to have your ass whipped." I was thinking that my mother should be whipped not merely with a belt, but with a whip. I told my mother to go back to bed.

I returned to the front room, but now I was worried; my mother seemed unbalanced, almost insane. Maybe she would try to harm me as I slept. I thought of going to my sister's room where we could lock the door. I was fully dressed, so there wouldn't be anything wrong with my lying in my sister's bed with her, but I didn't go; I stayed in the front room.

I turned on the television and began watching the financial channel. Two commentators were discussing what would happen in the financial markets on the day of the new moon. They were trying to figure out when the new moon was, and they put on a video which someone had sent them, but the video had nothing to do with the moon; instead the video showed the head of an animal which looked like a shark, but which was probably 100 times bigger. The head was shown emerging from a body of water, and clamping its teeth down on perhaps a dozen small boats. The commentators couldn't identify the animal; they said the animal might be from outer space. It was under investigation. I was startled.

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