Dream of: 14 September 2001 "Lumpit"

I was trying to remember the details of a rather elaborate dream so I could write it down. I was concentrating on a fellow in the dream who had been named "Lumpit." As I was thinking about the dream, I heard a man a talk show host talking on a radio. He began describing a dream which he had had the previous night. I was astonished by what I heard: the talk show host had had the same dream which I had had! He specifically mentioned the name "Lumpit," as well as several other matching details.

Long ago I had wondered if it might be possible for two people to have the same dream on the same night; but I had never had the experience, and finally I had given up the idea. But now my interest was awakened; I could see many possibilities. Perhaps many people could dream the same dream together. But what did it mean?


I was hurrying up the stairs of a high school building; I needed to get to the seventh floor. I needed to talk with someone on the seventh floor about the dream, about how someone else had had the same dream. I thought the person on the seventh floor might even be the talk show host whom I had heard on the radio.

I was going as fast as I could, but a man right behind me was keeping up with me. He was my high school trigonometry teacher, William Mosure. He looked exactly as he had looked when I had been his student in high school. I had to keep going fast to prevent his passing me, and he and I both passed several slower people on the way up.

Suddenly, when we reached the fifth floor, the stairs ended. We had to walk out into the hall and start up another set of stairs. We continued on. On the sixth floor, in the stairwell, I passed a woman who said something to me. I was in a tremendous hurry; I was afraid I would forget the dream. Nevertheless, I stopped and spoke to her. She was probably in her early 20s and I seemed to recognize her. I thought maybe I had known her in high school, but I simply couldn't remember who she was. She said she was now a teacher and asked me if I were also a teacher. I told her that I wasn't a teacher, that I was still in the twelfth grade. I asked her who she was but she wouldn't tell me. She said I could meet her later after school and she would tell me. Obviously she wanted to see me; but I told her I didn't want to see anyone right now. I didn't want to get tangled up with any new women. But, there was something about her which I found compelling. I looked at her face more closely; her face looked as if it were scarred badly from acne (which she no longer had but which had left scars). She also had quite a bit of ugly facial hair. So, she was definitely not attractive; yet when I looked at her, there was something very soft and appealing about her. She seemed like a very understanding person, I said, "Is your name Grayson?"

I didn't know why I thought "Grayson" might be her name. She indicated that Grayson wasn't her name.

I continued to dally. I needed to hurry. But, I could see I would also need to arrange to see the woman after school.

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