Dream of: 11 September 2001 "Anatolia"

In a time which vaguely seemed to be after World War II, the country of Turkey had been captured by a military force of which I was a member. Another soldier and I were now traveling with our commander through Turkey, surveying the area. I thought we were somewhere in eastern Turkey, but I was unsure exactly where. I was trying to pinpoint our position by using a book of maps which I was carrying; but the maps didn't show the familiar outline of Turkey as I recalled it: on the maps, the eastern part of the country was bounded by an ocean, which I assumed to be the Pacific Ocean. And we seemed to be on a small chunk of land in the ocean, almost like an island, but connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. On the map, this island-like piece of land was colored brown, while the rest of mainland Turkey was green.

The land around us was picture-beautiful. Amidst the rolling hills – mostly farmland – stood a few buildings here and there. When I saw a large unfinished building, being constructed of dark bricks, and surrounded by a high wall, I asked my commander if he thought the building was a prison. My commander (dressed in a brown uniform) was an affable fellow (about 40 years old). First he replied no, that the building belonged to someone and mentioned the name of the person. But then he looked more closely at the building and said it indeed was a prison.

As we passed a gas station on top of a hill, we could look out in all directions at the beautiful countryside. In the distance I could even see the ocean. I thought this would be an inviting spot to buy some land and actually settle down. I would like to live here.

We finally stopped our vehicle, stepped out and walked into a house. I had the feeling an advance military unit had already been to this area and had obtained keys to all the houses. I wanted to ask my commander if I were correct. But before I could ask, we walked down into the basement, and my commander wanted to see the maps. I quickly began searching again through my book for the map of the region. I saw a map of Greece, but I couldn't find the map for which I was searching. Suddenly, I realized I was searching for Turkey by using its ancient name of "Anatolia." I quickly began searching again for the map, with the name "Turkey" firmly in mind. Nevertheless, I was still having difficulty locating the map.  

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