Dream of: 09 September 2001 "Traveling With The Band"

I was traveling with Gannon's band, which also seemed like the band from the movie Almost Famous. We had just arrived at our room in a cheap hotel – all of us were staying in the same room. As the others were putting down their instruments, I set about cleaning the place, which was quite filthy. I had discovered that when I would stay in a dingy room like this, if I would simply devote a little time to cleaning, I could quickly transform the room into something quite acceptable. I set to work on a large dresser and began whipping smudges from the big mirror on top of the dresser. The other band members also set to work, and soon everyone was busily cleaning spots and smudges form the walls and furniture. True, the management of the hotel should be doing this, or at least be paying us for our work; but why complain? In short order the room began to shine, and when we were finished, we had transformed the room into a sparkling wonder.

I was happy to be with the band. I didn't actually play music with them, but they allowed me to accompany them because I was going to write some songs for them. I had discovered I had the ability to write songs; but I was able to write better if I were actually with a band instead of home writing alone. Hopefully, my being with the band would prove beneficial for everyone.

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