Dream of: 08 September 2001 (2) "Flying Against The Wind"

I was practicing flying in front of a group of women who were standing on the porch of a white frame house in a residential neighborhood. I was unsure whether the women were watching me, but I went through numerous maneuvers in front of them. My flying abilities had improved considerably of late. Sometimes I would simply lie on my back and hover above the ground; sometimes I would rise up above the house and then plunge back toward the ground, only to pull out of my dive at the last instant. As I played around, I discovered that I still had one difficulty: to a large extent I was still dependent on the wind; I had to go in the direction of the wind. I was trying to learn how to overcome this dependence. I knew that sail boats could sail against the wind by using a certain technique. I needed to study this technique in a book. Meanwhile, I practiced and found that to a certain extent, I could also fly against the wind. First I would fly diagonally in one direction against the wind, then I would fly in another diagonal direction against the wind. I was somewhat successful, but I would need a lot of practice.

A package for me had arrived by mail and was lying on the porch of the house. I landed, picked up the package and walked across the street to open it. The package contained a little display of an elaborate building project with many buildings. In the middle was a lavish brick avenue lined with trees. The display was a proposed project of some kind of drug enforcement agency. It didn't interest me in the least and I laid it on the curb for the garbage truck to pick up.

I sat down on the curb and looked back across the street toward the house where the women were. Finally, one of the women stepped from the porch and walked out into the quiet street. The woman was talking to herself; but I could tell that she was talking so that I might respond. We seemed to be in an Hispanic community, maybe even in a Latin American country. The woman looked brown, and for a moment, I thought her brown breasts were exposed; but when she drew closer to me I could see that she was fully dressed in a long dress. She was saying something about what she would do to a man if he were with her. She described several things and at the end she said she would pour "kivs" over the man, I finally spoke up and said I didn't know what a "kiv" was, but it sounded to me as if a "kiv" were something like a knife, or more precisely like a "shiv," a handmade knife which prisoners used in prison. I told the woman that it didn't sound like something which I would like to have poured over me.

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