Dream of: 07 September 2001 "Big Mistake"

I was attending a social function in Portsmouth. Toward the end of evening I began talking with two black fellows with whom I had become friendly. They seemed like fellows with whom I had gone to high school, but whom I had never known well. They asked me if I wanted to accompany them to a concert where a fellow with an Hispanic name would be performing. I hesitated; I had never gone anywhere before with these fellows. They seemed friendly enough, but I was uncertain. Finally, however, I agreed.

We walked outside and boarded a car. As soon as we hit the road I began having serious doubts. Six people were in the car; the two black fellows were in the front seat, one driving and one in the passenger seat. And sitting on the lap of the driver rode a white blonde-haired girl (only around 16 years old). In the back seat, I was sitting pressed between two other black fellows.

I began to worry when the driver started driving fast nobody, including myself, was even wearing seat belts! Where were we going? I thought of asking if I would be the only white person at the concert, but I refrained. Besides, I was obviously not the only white person because the white girl in the front seat was with us. And since the black fellows had mentioned the name of an Hispanic performer, maybe other Hispanics would be at the concert. But what if the white girl and I were the only whites there? She was with somebody, so she shouldn't be in danger. But I might have a problem. Finally I asked, "Whatever happened to Samuels?"

The driver said Samuels had ended up in prison. The driver didn't know whether Samuels was now free; Samuels seemed to have simply disappeared.

I returned to my thoughts. I just hoped I could live through this night. Obviously I had made a big mistake.

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