Dream of: 01 September 2001 "Edison And Armstrong"

I was in Russia, playing a game with some Russian boys (probably 11-12 years old). We had drawn a circle on the dusty ground; all of us threw some objects into the circle. A couple of light bulbs were among the objects. One of us would then ask a question of the others; if no one could answer the question, the person who asked the question won all the objects in the circle.

My turn came to ask a question. I asked them who had invented the light bulb. I immediately regretted having asked the question: every schoolboy surely had had the name of Thomas Edison pounded into him. My question was much too simple. But to my surprise, none of the Russian boys knew the answer, and I won.

I was already thinking of my next question: I would ask who had been the first man to walk on the moon. I knew the answer was easy: Neil Armstrong. But if these Russian boys hadn't even known who had invented the light bulb, they probably wouldn't know who had first walked on the moon

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