Dream of: 31 August 2001 "Writing Assignment"

I had been taking a class taught by professor Newton (probably in his late 40s). The other students and I had been given an assignment to read a lengthy novel and then to write something about the novel. Newton had warned the students that we couldn't wait until the last minute, that this wasn't high school. Nevertheless, I had put off reading the novel. Now it was Saturday and the assignment was due on Monday. As I began trying to grasp the project, I was glad at least I hadn't waited until Sunday: I still might be able to write the paper. I might have to read Cliff Notes instead of reading the novel itself; but at least I should be able to complete something.

However, as I began to contemplate the project, I found myself confused: what exactly was I supposed to write? Was this an essay? A book report? Or something more complicated? Suddenly I remembered I had already written another paper for Newton which he had graded and handed back to me. Maybe that paper would help. I pulled out the paper, which was covered with red marks and red writing by Newton. His handwriting was difficult to understand, but gradually I was able to read a few words. Surely his notes would help me understand exactly what I was supposed to do. I was nervous, but I felt as if I still had time to complete the project.

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