Dream of: 29 August 2001 "Short Story Writing"

I had been taking a course, in Portsmouth, on writing short stories. Unfortunately, I hadn't attended the classes and had failed to read the material. Now it was time for the final exam, in which I would have to write some short stories based on what I had read during the course.  

I walked into the house where the exam was going to be held. Many students were already seated in chairs and couches in the large living room. Books and magazines were pilled around the room. Many magazines were hanging like clothes on a clothes line; these were magazines which contained short stories which the students should have read for the course. As I glanced at the covers of the magazines, I thought I saw one with a photo of Jackie Kennedy on it.

I still had a couple hours before the test; I thought about leaving and not taking the test. But I decided to stay; I could still read something in the little time which I had left. But the situation was rather desperate, and I much regretted I had been so neglectful of this course. As I looked for a place to sit down and read, I realized I hadn't even looked at the faces of the other students, all of whom were busy reading. When I did look, I saw several students whom I recognized, one of whom was Clifford (a former junior high school classmate).

I finally saw an empty couch; I thought about stretching out on it to read, but I decided lying down here would be inappropriate. I walked into another room, a spacious empty living room, which seemed to be in a house which belonged to my mother. A fellow (in his early 20s) walked in. I seemed to recognize him; I thought that his name was "Key" and that I had known him years ago when I had lived in Portsmouth. He was several years younger than I, and I thought he might have gone to school with my sister. I shook his hand and began talking with him. In all these year he had never left Portsmouth. I thought he needed to get away for a while and I suggested he might think of leaving Portsmouth. He thought I was indicating he should go to Texas and live with me and he asked me if I were married. I told him that I was married and that I hadn't intended that he think of going to Texas. I told him he might want to think of going to Mexico instead. He asked me if I had been to Mexico, and I told him I had been there many times. I added, "It'll change you." 

I told him I couldn't talk more about it now because I had to study for my test. He asked me what the test was about; I replied, "European economic thought."

Just as I started studying again, Anderson walked into the room and sat down in a chair. He seemed strong and thin and looked as if he were in his late 30s. I was glad to see him, but told him I couldn't talk right now because I had to study. I asked him if he wanted to get together after the test. He said no. I was unsure why he had said that, but I was sure we would be getting together later. 

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