Dream of: 18 August 2001 "Emergency"

I had been uploading old dreams to my dream journal web site, going back year by year as I uploaded the dreams. The further back in time I proceeded, the more I encountered places about which I no longer dreamed. I particularly noticed different locations which had been associated with my father's insulation business, such as the Factory on Third Street, my father's Office in New Boston, and the Gay Street House. I seemed to also recall another location which my father had used for his insulation business. I realized I needed to be have a separate page for each of these locations and describe the locations in some detail; otherwise, no one would understand the significance of these places.

At the moment I was in the Gay Street House, waiting for my father; he and I were supposed to pick up my mother, who was about a block away. Finally my father and my sister (who looked like a boy about 10 years old) walked into the room. My father was carrying a big stack of money. Suddenly another boy (also about 10 years old) appeared, carrying a handgun with a white pearl handle. He threatened my father with the gun and demanded my father give him the money. My father handed the money to the boy; in the process, the boy's attention strayed for a moment, and my sister grabbed the gun from the boy. Both my father and I jumped on the boy and forced him to the ground. As I held the boy down, I congratulated my sister for having grabbed the gun.

I knew my mother was still waiting for my father and me to pick her up. But she would just have to wait until we handled this emergency.

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