Dream of: 08 August 2001 "Ice Skating"

Ramey (about 20 years old) had found a pharmacist who would prescribe some little blue pills for him, pills which had hallucinogenic virtues. The night before, Ramey had given me three of the pills, which I had taken about 9 p.m. Unfortunately, I had fallen asleep about midnight, and had barely felt any of the effects of the pills. Now, the next morning, I seemed to have vague memories of a night of distorted dreams. And my mind was still a bit electrified, seeing hazy vague patterns when I would close my mind.

I wanted to try the pills again, now in the morning, so I could stay awake the whole day and fully experience the effects. However, Ramey informed me that he had no more pills, and if we wanted to try them again, he would have to go and pick up a refill. The plan sounded workable to me. Ramey told me he could get fifteen pills at a time from the pharmacist, and he was supposed to take three pills a day. Since he hadn't been to the pharmacist in five days, he could now go back for a refill.

Ramey and I set out for the pharmacist. We quickly arrived at a place which resembled a large circular stadium. At what appeared to be a ticket window sat a dour man behind the glass who was the pharmacist. As Ramey headed toward the building, I cautiously headed for the doorway to the stadium, trying to avoid being seen by the pharmacist. I was aware that the stadium housed a large ice-rink; I would meet Ramey inside on the ice, where we would go skating. The skating was supposed to be part of the ritual of buying the pills: once a person had bought the pills, he or she was supposed to go inside and ice skate for a while. Since I had no prescription, Ramey would give me some of his pills, and after taking them, together we would skate around the ice for a while. Then we would leave and see where the day took us.

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