Dream of: 04 August 2001 "Sea Urchins"

A woman and I were stranded in a car, she in the back seat, I in the front. Somehow, I had the feeling I also was woman. The black-haired woman (about 30 years old) was attractive, but somewhat overweight. We were in a precarious situation: our car was perched on the side of a cliff, about a meter above a body of water. It almost seemed as if we were on a window ledge of a window which opened up to the body of water. We were far away from anyone, and I was afraid we might be stuck here a long time. When I saw three brown spiny sea urchins (about 30 centimeters in diameter) floating on the water not far from us, I pointed them out to the woman and told her that they were edible and that perhaps we should catch them; it was hard to tell when we might have another opportunity to find food. But I did nothing and the sea urchins floated on by.

Suddenly, I felt the car began to slide, and in a flash, the car slipped into the water. The car bobbed along the top of the water, slowly sinking. I hoped someone might see us, even though I didn't think anyone was around here.

The windows of the car were rolled up; I told the woman we would have to wait until the car sank to the bottom; then we would roll down the windows and slip out. Suddenly the car began to rapidly sink. But the car didn't fill up with water, and we were able to breathe inside without problem.

Suddenly, I felt a strong underwater current grab the car, and soon we were being swept along, as if we were in a river. We tumbled along until we came to a steep water falls and went plummeting down the falls. At the bottom we were carried along a stream, which soon grew smaller and narrower. I began to have hope we might yet find our way out of this dilemma, and I asked the woman for the keys. She handed them to me, and after some effort I found the right key, just as the car was washed up onto a sandy bank.

I stuck the key in the ignition and the car started up. We were sitting on sand in the back yard of someone's house. Some shrubs about a meter high surrounded the house. I drove right through and over the shrubs. I didn't want to damage the shrubs; I told the woman I was sure the people in the house would be angry, especially when I saw the light of a flashlight shining on us. But I couldn't stop now; I had to get out of here.

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