Dream of: 02 August 2001 "Seeking Shelter"

As I was standing on a street in a large city, the skyscrapers in the downtown area began falling. People began running in all directions, trying to avoid being crushed. I wasn't close enough to the falling buildings to be in immediate danger, but I was concerned for my safety. The tallest skyscraper fell first, followed by four more. I was uncertain what was causing the skyscrapers to fall; I thought perhaps someone had planted bombs in them. But when I looked off on the horizon, I saw a huge funnel cloud. Then I saw two more funnel clouds. I pointed them out to a man standing close to me. Perhaps, I thought, the skyscrapers had been hit by funnel clouds, and hadn't been bombed after all. Whatever the cause, with the funnel clouds approaching the city, I needed to seek shelter.

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