Dream of: 29 July 2001 "Indian Head Nickels"

I had been remodeling a one-story house in which I had been living with my mother. I had already replaced the floors in several rooms by using a combination of wood and carpet, as well as cement and stone. The level of the floors had been raised several centimeters; the result was impressive. I still had several rooms to finish, however, and in places the cement hadn't yet dried. I mistakenly walked on a wet spot and sunk into the floor. I thought I would be able to fix the damage later.

Although I had painted the walls and ceilings of several rooms, other rooms remained to be painted. I walked into a small back room to look it over. Two walls of the room were painted dark green. I had been painting all the walls white, and I imagined how much better this room would look once I had repainted it white.

I walked into the kitchen, which I hadn't yet painted. In one corner of the ceiling was a small hole about two centimeters in diameter. Some small twigs were protruding from the hole; I concluded that a bird had probably made a nest in the ceiling. I would definitely have to plug up that hole.

When I walked back into the living room, my father was sitting on the couch. He handed me some nickels and asked me to look up their value. He said he was going to a coin collector's meeting that night and he needed to know how much the coins were worth. He said the nickels were Indian heads. I had five nickels in my hand, but only two were Indian heads. However, those two appeared to be valuable because they had the small letters "DVB" on their backs.

I sat down on the floor and turned on a very old computer with a small screen. I was soon able to connect to the internet and I began a search for Indian head nickels. I was surprised that this old computer was able to connect to the internet; most computers that old weren't equipped with modems. But the computer hummed along and web sites began appearing on the screen. It looked as if I would be able to find out something about the nickels if I would only spend a little time there. Meanwhile, my father had stretched out on the couch and appeared to be taking a nap.

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