Dream of: 14 July 2001 "Flying Songs"

I was uncertain what I would do with my time today; I didn't have anything planned, but I had been thinking about lyrics of rock and roll songs. So many people thought rock and roll lyrics were mostly just nonsense -- I was of a different mind. Although the lyrics were often difficult to understand, I was convinced they made sense. I thought I might conduct an experiment by compiling a list of songs which used the word "flying" to see how that word was employed in different songs. I had quite a few old vinyl LPs lying around which I could play I already had three songs in mind. I decided to round up the records with those songs and listen to them.

I opened the door to the next room (where some of my LPs were stored) and I walked in. I surprised my father, who was lying on a couch with a woman. I now recalled both my father and I were living in this house (which seemed to be on Eighth Street in Portsmouth, the old home of Stidham, a girl I had known in junior high school). My father looked as if he were in his mid 40s. Both he and the woman were fully clothed, but they were very close to each other; I had the feeling they were preparing to become intimate. I stopped and reflected about how many women had been with my father over the years the list was long. He had stayed longest with Christa, but now Christa was no longer with him. Instead he had found a new woman, another one to add to his list.

I quickly grabbed the records I was seeking and told my father and his companion I was sorry to have disturbed them. They didn't seem perturbed. I opened the door back to my room and slipped back in, starting to think again about the flying songs.

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