Dream of: 08 July 2001 "Silver Lizard"

Several people were gathered in the kitchen of the House in Patriot; among them was my uncle Ronald; he was tall and thin and looked as if he were probably in his late 50s. He was smiling and seemed happy to see me; I was certainly glad to see him. I wanted to introduce one person in the kitchen to Ronald, but I couldn't quite remember Ronald's name; so I made no introductions.

I looked out the large window at the rear of the kitchen into the backyard; I was surprised by what I saw. I recalled that a long barn had stood on the right side of the back yard, and that another long building had stood on the left side of the yard. But now both buildings were missing; or rather most of the buildings were missing. The top parts of the buildings had been torn away, leaving only the floors of the buildings. I could also see that under the floors were long basements which had been left intact. I was glad to see the basements had remained, because I had stored a large collection of comic books in the basement of the barn. Many other things had also been stored in the basement; from where I was standing, I could see the stacks of items in the barn's basement.

A young fellow was riding a four-wheeler down the middle of the basement. He was all the way at the rear of the basement, when suddenly, the floor above him started to collapse. He began driving wildly toward the front of the basement, even as the floor began collapsing all around him, just barely missing him as he raced forward. I hollered out something and ran outside. Just as I reached the backyard, the entire floor fell into the basement; the fellow on the four-wheeler just barely made it out in time.

The result was a big mess. Everything in the basement was buried by the floorboards; but as I surveyed the wreckage, I concluded my comics probably hadn't been destroyed. I should be able to dig them out without too much difficulty.

I walked the length of the rubble to the rear of the barn, where I found another building still standing. I walked inside and was surprised to find what appeared to be a showroom of a hardware store. Many people were browsing in the room, filled with wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets set out for display. Apparently the store was closing down and everything in the showroom was being given away.

I wondered if I might find something I liked. On one cabinet were sitting some trophies; I might like one of those, since they were free. When I picked up one of the trophies, however, I saw someone else's name on it and I set it back down.

I saw something else which interested me: some kind of elaborate advertising sculpture for Burger King. The front of the sculpture displayed a human-looking chicken, apparently the mascot for Burger King. I picked up the sculpture from its black base and held it in my hand. Immediately music began playing. I turned the sculpture over in my hand and saw the back looked like an intricate silver lizard, about the size of my hand. The silver lizard was expertly crafted and obviously of value; I decided I definitely wanted it.

The base had a space for a second statue; a second lizard was lying on the counter. I picked up the second lizard and placed it on the base; the lizard didn't fit perfectly, but I decided I wanted to keep it anyway. I held onto it, afraid someone else might grab it if I set it back down on the counter.

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