Dream of: 06 July 2001 "Jupiter"

I woke up in the morning on the top floor of a tall building in Las Vegas. With me was a fellow (probably in his late 20s) who looked very much like the actor Edward Norton. We had been hanging around and living together during the past two weeks since I had arrived in Las Vegas. I had been having a good time; I told my friend I liked Las Vegas much more than I would have anticipated. Mine was a care-free life, and I liked it. I was, however, thinking about doing something productive, like practicing law again. I might even set up an office right here in Las Vegas..

Before anything else, though, I wanted to visit the arid countryside outside Las Vegas. I had spent all my time in the city, which reminded me of an island in the middle of the desert. I especially wanted to go into the countryside at night, so I could see the stars, which I thought would be spectacular out in the desert away from all the lights of the city.

As my buddy and I talked, I slowly became aware two other people were in the room, lying in the bed next to me: Myers and Williams. I didn't talk to Williams, but Myers was lying right next to me, and I began telling her of my desire to look at the stars. As I talked, I was surprised to realize we could look straight up at the sky from our bed and see the sky, as if the room had no roof. Although it was morning, the sun hadn't yet risen, and the dark sky was filled with stars.

I immediately began looking for familiar stars, and I asked Myers if she could identify any common constellations, such as Scorpio, which was familiar to me. She indicated she couldn't. I thought at least she ought to be able to pick out the Big Dipper, which I could clearly see right over us. I used the Big Dipper as my point of reference and I began searching for Polaris, but there were so many stars, more than I was accustomed to seeing, I had difficulty identifying Polaris. I shifted my vision toward where I thought Sagittarius would be; I especially wanted to point out Sagittarius to Myers because in that direction lay the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Suddenly, just for a second, two comets flashed into view, and then faded away. Having never seen such a sight, I had difficulty trusting my eyes. I asked Myers if she had seen the comets and I held my hands together to show how big they had been. She said she hadn't seen them, and I began to think maybe the comets had just been projections shot up into the sky from the ground, like some kind of spot light.

Suddenly another comet appeared. This comet was redder than the other two had been, as if it was a fiery mass. Even more amazing, the planet Jupiter flashed onto the sky. Jupiter was big, about a third of a meter across. I had a couple seconds to stare at the amazing site. I could clearly see the circular swirl which appears on Jupiter's surface. Myers also saw the comet and Jupiter, but by now I realized we were indeed only looking at some fancy projections from the ground; Jupiter couldn't possibly look that big from the earth. Nevertheless, the sight had been quite spectacular.

Myers was friendly and was constantly smiling. She was probably in her mid 40s, but she had retained her youthful luster; she was definitely a very attractive woman. I was surprised she would just lie in the bed beside me, even touching me at times. When I finally stood up beside the bed, I even caught a glimpse of the white panties she was wearing under her red dress.

She began telling me about why she was here. She had only been in Las Vegas for a few days herself. Last night she had been in a bar and had run out of money. She had met a fellow named Steve. I joked with her that she probably had met many fellows in bars, she was so good-looking. She continued with her story about how she and Vickie had left the bar with the fellow. He had given them a ride in a car which had some smelly fried fish in it; then he had dropped her off here at my place.

I was still surprised she would have ended up here with me. I recalled when I had known her in junior high school and high school, she had been completely unattainable for me; she had definitely been out of my league. Now that she was older, however, the field seemed more level between us. I said, "Well, you're what, about 44 now? Its time to start slipping downhill."

As she had talked, our faces had moved closer together. As if completely natural, we began kissing. She was the more aggressive, plunging her tongue into my mouth. The kiss was utterly pleasurable, and all I could do was moan, "Mmmmmmmm."

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