Dream of: 28 June 2001 "Oz"

I had unexpectedly shown up at Donna Griffith's house to visit her. As I walked toward the cottage where she was living, I saw her sitting on the ground in the front yard, behind a large bush; I could barely see her. Clearly she saw me; on her face was both a look of surprise, and a look as if she had been expecting me. I felt guilty because I hadn't called and told her I was coming; I didn't like people showing up unexpectedly at my house. But I quickly perceived she was glad to see me (even if I hadn't called first) and I began to feel at ease.

She stood up and walked toward me. She looked as if she were in her mid 20s. She was very pretty, and I was definitely attracted to her; but I hoped she didn't want to have sex with me. It seemed that I was no longer able to get an erection, either because I had conditioned myself not to become aroused, or because I simply had lost the ability to have an erection. Whatever the cause, I wanted to be with Donna, but I didn't want to have sex with her. She seemed to sense my apprehension and was very understanding. As she stood beside me and we talked, I felt completely comfortable with her.

Together we walked a short distance to a nearby building and went inside. The room was perhaps seven meters by seven meters, almost empty, and the walls were concrete block. Almost as soon as we had entered the room, we began floating and flying around the room; it was very enjoyable. Our flying had no distinct pattern; flying just seemed to be the natural thing to do there. There was a certain other-worldly atmosphere to the place, almost as if we were on another planet, isolated in this solitary building. Flying came natural.

Although I was enjoying the flying, something didn't seem quite right here. As I looked back through the glass door which we had entered, I realized we were not alone; sitting outside was a young girl (perhaps 10 years old) dressed all in white. Immediately I perceived that the girl might be in some danger outside, and that she must be let into the room. Donna and I both landed and I walked to the door to let the girl in.

Almost as soon as the girl had entered the room, she began imploring me to help her. The girl told us that an evil creature, who looked like a woman with horns, was outside. The girl walked over to a window and pulled back the curtain so we could see outside. The window was at the top of the wall, like a window in a basement, and indeed the room seemed a bit like a basement. Although we had entered the room during the daylight, the outside was now dark. The girl indicated the evil horned woman came out at night.

Sitting on a ledge in front of the window, on the inside, was some kind of small friendly animal which apparently belonged to Donna. The cute little creature had a pair of intricate horns on its head. The head of the animal, as well as its horns, was reflected in the glass of the window where the girl had pulled back the curtains. However, as I peered at the glass, I perceived that a second set of horns was on the outside of the window, almost in the same place where the reflection of the little animal's horns were. Instinctively I could feel the evil in the horns on the outside; I knew the horns belonged to the evil horned woman, and I tried to see her face through the window. The contrast of the friendly little animal on the inside, and the evil horned woman on the outside was rather alarming; before I could see clearly, the girl pulled the curtains shut.

As soon as she had shut the curtains, the girl made a deft movement with her hand and seemed to grab something out of the air, like a person grabbing a fly in flight. The girl said she had just grabbed the one thing which could destroy the evil woman – a little sprite or fairy named "Oz."

As the girl held her hand clutched tight, I could almost feel the little fairy creature in my own hand. Obviously the girl was having difficulty in holding her hand closed, and she told us she could only hold on to Oz for five minutes; then Oz would spring free. But during those five minutes, the little girl apparently had some kind of control over Oz, and could possibly even direct Oz to destroy the evil horned woman. The fear of being destroyed by Oz was compelling the evil horned woman to terrorize the little girl.

I found the whole story intriguing, but I was unsure how I fit in. Obviously the girl thought I could help her. It seemed at one point that she even called me "father." Clearly I would have to do something.

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