Dream of: 25 June 2001 "Grocery Store Employee"

I was working in a large grocery store; I had a low-level job, basically employed to do whatever needed to be done in the store. At the moment I had been told to dust and clean all the silver check-out counters. I was also told that several of the other employees wouldn't be here today, so I knew I was going to be busy.

With my white dust cloth I began vigorously cleaning the counters, which proved to be quite dirty and in need of cleaning. From the counters I moved on to a wooden coat rack, thick with cobwebs around its base, and then on to some door frames. I was surprised at the quantity of dust everywhere.

I moved on to a large chest of drawers. Although I was in the store, I was the owner of the chest of drawers, and I was particularly dutiful in my attention to it. I thought I would probably own this chest of drawers for a long time. I didn't want to go to the trouble of buying another chest of drawers some day; this one would do quite well. If one of the drawers were to break, I would have it repaired. I examined the chest of drawers more closely, wondering if it were solid wood or was covered with a veneer. I concluded it must be veneer, because one of the drawers looked as if it had designs from four distinct trees on it, something that could only be accomplished with veneer.

I moved on to a glass case which contained several perfume bottles in the shape of little cars; they must be Avon bottles. It looked as if the same fragrance was in all the bottles. I opened one and dabbed some perfume on my neck. I could use these bottles regularly if I liked; but I didn't much care for Avon. I would have liked a more fragrant cologne.

It looked as if it was going to be a very busy day. I began to mentally prepare myself for the work ahead.

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