Dream of:18 June 2001 "Swinging The Mallet"

I was attending a school which in some ways was similar to Baylor Law School, except I was studying undergraduate courses and not law. I had completed one term, and was now in my second term. I loved being in college again and I loved all my classes, especially Latin. The Latin class in particular had been incorporated into my daily living routine. I was living with a whole group of people also studying Latin, and we had immersed ourselves in Latin. Even now, as I was still waking up and scrounging in the kitchen for food, I was looking at an open Latin book lying on the counter. The book was open to a page showing a Roman warrior, and below the picture were numerous Latin words describing the soldier and his attire. I had some difficulty with the words; one seemed to be the Latin word for "gold."

Other students with whom I was living and studying were also in the kitchen (which seemed to be part of a classroom). Even my Latin teacher (a woman who closely resembled a former law professor, Dohoney) was in the kitchen. Most students appeared to be in their early 20s.

As I looked over the kitchen counter, trying to locate something to eat, some girls pointed out where the bowls were so I could get some soup which had been prepared. I didn't find a bowl, but I did find a glass, and I began dipping out the white soup with a cup into my glass. When I finished, I washed off the cup in a sink (I thought my hands were clean) and I set the cup in a drainer. I was then going to put my glass of soup in a microwave to heat, but someone else had already put something into the microwave; so I waited.

I wondered what I would do when the term ended. Going to school here cost a lot of money, but I enjoyed it so much, and I had so much still to learn; I might just start all my courses again from the beginning.

The other students were starting to disperse, to leave for classes; I noticed my former grade school and high school classmate, Karen Woods, among them. She had long hair and was quite pretty, but she didn't really interest me. I recalled that she had been very artistic in grade school.

Some girls (all of whom were attractive) were wearing skirts slit up one side almost all the way to the waist. The skirts were apparently the latest fashion. I became so distracted looking at the skirts and the long shapely legs, that when a couple girls wearing the skirts left, I followed them out the door.

Many people were walking outside up and down a sandy area which looked like a beach. As I joined in the crowd on the beach, I noticed a dollar bill lying in the sand; but I didn't try to pick it up and someone else grabbed it. I next saw several bills smashed together in the sand; someone likewise snatched those. When I finally saw yet another wad of bills, I snatched them before anyone else could. I felt as if picking up money on the beach like this was below my dignity; but I couldn't resist.

A fellow walking beside me had seen me pick up the wad, and he watched as I flipped through the bills. I was happy to see that the center bill was a $100 bill. The fellow also saw the $100 bill. I saw another wad of money in the sand, but when I bent to pick up the wad, I saw that it was confederate money, and not even real confederate bills but copies; I left the bills.

The fellow who had seen me pick up the wad of money was still walking beside me. I told him I had been out here earlier in the morning and had seen other money, but I hadn't picked it up. The fellow didn't respond; instead, suddenly, he and two other fellows lunged at me and tried to take my money. All three were probably in their mid 20s; one had black hair and a black beard. The bearded fellow seemed to be the leader. When they were unable to wrest the money from me, the bearded fellow pulled out a croquet mallet and began swinging it at me. I fell onto my back, and as he swung the mallet, I was able to wrest it from him. Lying on my back, I began swinging the mallet at my attackers. At the same time, I was trying to holler for help; people were all around us. Unfortunately I had completely lost my voice and no words came. Finally, however, in a weak voice, I hollered out, "Help! They're robbing me!"

No one seemed to be paying any attention, and it looked as if I would have to continue the fight alone. I didn't even consider turning over the money to the muggers.

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