Dream of: 15 June 2001 "Missed Meal"

My father (about 40 years old) and I had recently moved into the same house together. We had lived together previously, but I had departed for a long time. Now I had returned and we were sitting in the living room together. He said something to me, I responded and we began talking. He was very friendly and I reciprocated. I noticed he didn't seem to be trying to control me the way he had commonly done throughout my life; it seemed as if he had learned by my absence that if he tried to control me, I would leave again. He was now willing to simply accept and be happy with my presence; he seemed to have really missed me. I was also glad to see him again and I thought the separation had done both of us good.

One or two women were in the house preparing some food and it was almost time to eat. I however wanted to take a walk first; I told them I would be back and I headed out the door.

The house seemed to be in a small village; other houses were spotted here and there. I walked along the sidewalk, carrying seven or eight books with me. After a couple blocks, I sat down on the sidewalk and looked over my books. Finally I succumbed to drowsiness and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I jumped up and headed back toward my father's.

As I walked back, I passed a house with a black-haired woman (probably in her late 20s) standing in her yard. She was thin and quite pretty. I had noticed her before but had never spoken to her; this time I stopped and, shifting all my books to one arm, I introduced myself and held out my hand for her to shake. She seemed almost frightened to take my hand, but then she did and we shook hands. I spoke a few more words and noticed two small children around her knees and one older boy (probably 15-16 years old) standing next to her. The boy definitely seemed protective of his mother. I asked, "Are you a family person."

She sardonically replied, "Not at all."

I said, "I can see that."

I finally said goodbye and began walking away. Then I heard her say behind me, "Come back again."

I definitely wanted to see more of the woman. And I didn't much mind that she had children. I proceeded a few steps, turned around and said, "I'd like that."

I continued on to the house where my father and I were living and walked into the living room where I had earlier been talking with my father, but he was no longer there. I looked in the kitchen and was surprised to find the brown round table had been cleared. It had been set with food when I had left. Had I been gone so long? Had I fallen asleep on the sidewalk for longer than I had thought? What time was it? Whatever the answer it didn't matter much. If I had missed the meal, I would simply eat later.

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