Dream of: 09 June 2001 "Shots In The Plaza"

While in a bar, I ran into Birdie. We began having a friendly conversation, and as we talked, I began flipping through some old 45 RPM records lying near me. I picked out one I liked; Birdie told me to take it, so I did. Finally, we decided to leave together, and we headed for the door. I was a little worried about being with Birdie, because I was aware she had some old boyfriends who might not be happy to see me with her. And just as we were about to walk out, one of her old boyfriends stepped in my path. He was a muscular, blond-haired fellow (probably in his mid 20s). His fist was doubled as if he intended to hit me. I told him if he hit me, I would call the police and he would go to jail. As I continued toward the door, he followed, and I anticipated that once we were outside, he would attack me.

Just as I reached the door, a man named Robert (who looked very much like Richard Bay, a character played by the actor Jason Kravits on the television series "The Practice") was coming inside. He was a friend of mine; he was also a detective who had been investigating something for me, and he excitedly told me he had discovered something about which he wanted to talk with me. I told him I needed him for something else at the moment: I wanted him to accompany me outside so that if the blond-haired fellow attacked me, he (Robert) would be a witness. All four of us stepped outside.

We walked into a huge plaza similar to one I had once visited in Madrid. The plaza was quite beautiful: huge old paving stone covered the ground. People were walking here and there, and many were standing in the balconies of the buildings which enclosed the plaza.

Suddenly, I heard a shot; I looked toward Robert and saw him spinning and clutching his head. When I saw the blood on his head and hands I hollered out, "Robert's been shot!"

Robert fell to the ground. I immediately concluded that the shot had been meant for me, that another of Birdie's old boyfriends had fired the shot. Thinking I was still a target, I fell to my knees and crawled over to Robert. He had dropped a black hand gun on the ground and I picked it up. I continued looking all around me, especially at the people standing in the balconies. Finally, I saw a man on a balcony pointing something at me and I pointed my gun at him. When he saw the gun, he stepped away from the thing he had been pointing; I realized he had only been pointing a mounted telescope or camera. Luckily I hadn't fired at him.

By this time, Birdie and her old boyfriend had run off. Finding myself alone and an easy target, I quickly headed for a building on the side of the plaza. Another shot rang out, then another. Just as I made it to an alley beside a building, yet another shot was fired and I even felt the whiz of the bullet just over my head. But I was able to duck into the safety of the alley, and at least for the moment I was safe

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