Dream of: 08 June 2001 "Out Of It"

Walls and I had been drinking beer together in Portsmouth. I had drunk three long-neck bottles of beer, and I was definitely feeling the effects. I was having a good time and I was happy to see Walls again, who looked as if he were about 20 years old. I was also happy when Ramey showed up. I told Ramey that Walls and I had been drinking some expensive beer with pretty pictures on the labels. Ramey asked me the name of the beer, but I couldn't remember; so I hollered to Walls, who was in the next room and asked him. Walls hollered back, "Bud."

Although I had been enjoying myself, I told Ramey I was ready to go home; but I told him I didn't want to go home alone because I might do something stupid. I told him that when I drank, I sometimes did stupid things. For example, I might drive. I didn't use to consider drinking and driving to be stupid, but now I did. Or, I told him, I might go to the black area of town, something I would only do if I had been drinking.

The three of us got into a car and headed out; but instead of my going home, we went to the downtown area of Portsmouth and got out of the car on Chillicothe Street. We stepped up in front of a bar which was closing – it was late at night. Ramey looked inside the bar and told me he thought he saw Birdie inside. All three of us walked into the bar, and I saw Birdie sitting on a stool at the bar with her back to us. I walked up to the bar and looked at her. She was about 20 years old and her black hair was tied in braids. I started to sit down on a stool close to her, with one empty stool between us, but before I sat down, Birdie noticed me and made a comment about how I looked. I asked her if I looked out of it, and I added, "I am out of it."

I looked at myself in a mirror behind the bar. My hair definitely needed cut. I recalled Birdie knew how to cut hair, and I thought I might ask her to cut mine for me; I could pay her ten dollars for the job. But I hesitated to ask her such a thing.

I learned she was waiting for a guy who worked in the bar; his name was Early. He was a little fellow of little worth; she should have been able to do better.

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