Dream of: 26 May 2001 "Leaving For Good"

I had been in the House in Patriot for one day, visiting my grandmother Leacy (probably in her 40s). While here, I had spent every minute working for her, doing chores around the House. I didn't mind doing the work; she had no one else to help her (although another fellow about 25-30 years old was living here with her). At the moment I was clearing some things out of the living-room/kitchen area, taking down several things hanging from the ceiling and carrying them outside. I finally came to a thick fire-hose about seven meters long (with a steel nozzle on the end) hanging from the ceiling. The hose was obviously here in case of a fire emergency, and it was connected to a water line, but it looked terrible and I decided to find a wrench and disconnect it from the water line. I hesitated, however, because my grandmother might need the hose in case of a fire; I was uncertain what to do.

I wanted to talk with my grandmother for a while before I left, so I stopped working. She and I lay down on a soft spot in the room with her on my right and the fellow who stayed with her on my left. When she began talking about how she would like to handle some more bankruptcy cases, I recalled that one time she had assisted me on some bankruptcy cases on which I had been working as an attorney. Now she wanted to represent bankruptcy clients on her own; and she wanted me to mail out solicitation letters to a list of potential clients. I told her there was a problem with that idea because the list of potential clients I had only contained the names of people in Dallas and Fort Worth; but she lived up here in Ohio. I suggested she might possibly be able to simply mail a solicitation letter to people in the telephone book; I even picked up a telephone book and flipped through it.

I told her the main problem was that she wasn't an attorney and even though she had helped me once before, she knew almost nothing about bankruptcy law. There were many technical questions which in general only an attorney could answer. I mentioned some basic concepts such as the difference between a chapter 7 and a chapter 13 bankruptcy. I then expatiated on the technical problems of tax claims in bankruptcy. She seemed a bit downcast by what I was saying, but she seemed to accept it.

As we talked, I realized she, the other fellow and I were sitting in a large room with many other bankruptcy attorneys. A meeting was taking place concerning bankruptcy cases, similar to the chapter 13 bankruptcy meetings I used to attend. I had a portable computer with me into which I was typing bankruptcy information. The portable computer was a big advance from the way I used to practice bankruptcy; I used to have to write down everything by hand at these meetings.

Bartholow (a female Dallas attorney) was in the front of the room. She looked about 40 years old and was quite attractive. She was in charge of the meeting and she began by referring to one of my bankruptcy cases, a case in which I had sought to modify a chapter 13 plan. She first stated that the modification would be approved and then she made several complimentary comments about how well I had handled myself in previous hearings in front of the judges. She then continued talking until she finally said that my modification would not be approved. I protested that she had contradicted herself by first saying the modification would be approved, and then saying it would not be approved; I looked around the room to see if the other attorneys had noticed the contradiction, but no one appeared to have been paying attention and I realized I would have to go in front of the judge and request the judge to approve the modification.

I finally stood and walked out into the lobby by myself. I seemed to be in an office building in downtown Dallas, the huge LTV tower. A little restaurant was in the lobby and sitting at one small table was Jeff Goldblum. I had met him before but I didn't know him well; I thought about going over and chatting with him. I recalled that he had been in the movie The Fly and I thought he might have been in a Batman movie, but I couldn't remember whether he had actually been Batman or some other character, such as the Riddler. Since I definitely recalled him as the Fly, I thought I might go up to him and address him as "Mr. Fly," but I was unsure whether I should.

Rosie O'Donnell was also in the room. She seemed to be working behind the counter of the restaurant. I knew she was also an actress but I couldn't remember any of her movies. I only remembered she had a television talk show. It seemed to me that both she and Goldblum were involved in the same kind of work as I. I thought how I would soon be leaving this area for good, and it would be nice if I had something with which to remember them, such as their autographs. If I had a book, such as a school yearbook, I could ask them to sign the book for me and even to write some little witticism; such a book would be nice to have later in life.

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