Dream of: 25 May 2001 "Dangerous Mission"

I was serving in a branch of the American military. I was stationed in Australia, and my wife Carolina and my pet Dalmatian Picasso were with me. I was given orders: I was told to go to the apartment of a woman, take over the apartment and stay there. I was being sent to this apartment because terrorists had placed a bomb in the apartment next door and blown it up; it was now possible the terrorists were watching the apartment to which I was being sent.

Another man, Carolina, and Picasso accompanied me to the apartment. When we arrived, we walked in and made ourselves at home in the nice, comfortable apartment. The woman who lived here wasn't home, but she soon also arrived. She was probably in her mid 30s and had black hair. She was very surprised to see us and immediately demanded we leave. She picked up a phone and threatened to call the authorities. I told her that we didn't have to leave and that if I wanted to, I could force her to leave (however I didn't intend to force her to leave). I knew when she spoke to the authorities, she would be told that we could stay.

I unsuccessfully tried to remember my rank. I didn't think I was so low as a lieutenant, but not so high as a coronal. I finally decided I was probably a captain.

I talked to the other fellow who had accompanied me; he was an Australian. He suggested I go out and get some beer. I liked him; we got along well together. I stood up and called him "mate"; it was the first time in my life I had ever called someone mate and I liked the sound of it. I asked him if he wanted any special kind of beer and he said he wanted some beer which had the word "Brougham" in its name. I repeated the word over so I would not forget it.

As I headed toward the door I saw a small gray dog which I hadn't seen before in front of the door. I walked over to the dog and began petting it. It was hairless and looked like a shaved Schnauzer. Picasso ran over to it and scared it, I tried to calm down the dog, and I asked the woman if it belonged to her. She said that it was hers and that it had probably been outside before she had returned.

I finally exited the apartment. Across the street was a carryout, but it looked as if it were closed, so I walked about a block down the street, passing many little stores on the way. All the while, I was wary someone might be watching me; this was a dangerous mission. At the end of the block I hit a busy city street which looked European. I liked the feel of this street. I would not even mind living in the apartment for a while and visiting this area. I passed a newspaper stand and a fellow asked me to buy a newspaper. I didn't buy one, but thought I might buy one later. I began wondering if I had any Australian money; I didn't think I did. I would have to ask the newspaper seller to take my American money, or I would have to look for a place to exchange money; maybe if I looked up and down the street I would see a sign which said "Exchange."

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