Dream of: 22 May 2001 "Truth And Lies"

My attorney friend Jon and I were in a building on a military base where Jon was a soldier. Since no one else was around, I began wandering through the large building until I came across a library. I found an intriguing book about southern Ohio, sat down at a table and began reading it. Inside the book I found a map of southern Ohio, which I began coloring with some crayons which lay at hand.

I also had with me approximately half of a small marijuana joint which I decided to smoke. I lit the joint, stood up and walked around the room smoking. I only took three or four hits, but the smoke was strong and filled the room. I had just finished smoking when a black-haired woman (about 40 years old) who worked in the library walked in. She immediately smelled the smoke and said something about it. I didn't say anything, but when she called in some other people, I could see trouble brewing. When Jon also walked into the room, I was afraid I might have caused a problem for him.

I was already thinking about what I would say if I were asked if I had been smoking pot. I would simply say I wouldn't answer the question because smoking marijuana was a crime and I wasn't going to answer any questions about a crime. Finally a man walked into the room and sat down across the table from me. He asked me if I had been smoking pot with someone there. Since I hadn't been smoking with anyone else, I truthfully answered, no. But now I began to worry: I was afraid he would next simply ask me if I had been smoking pot. I perceived I would have problems if I refused to answer the question; so I decided to lie – I would simply say no.

As soon as I could, I got Jon's attention and he walked over to me. We began discussing the situation and I told him I would definitely deny having smoked anything. I told Jon to tell the truth about everything else, so our stories would match. A man sitting nearby overheard me telling Jon to tell the truth, and the man said something. I began to worry the man had also overheard me telling Jon I was going to lie; I also feared I might be asked to take a blood test.

By now, many people were in the room and military personnel were walking all around sniffing the air. Finally it was decided I must go on trial. I simply accepted this. Jon and I were both led into a room which turned out to be in a train car. Perhaps 20-30 other people who were also going to be put on trial for various offenses were sitting in the car. Some people were soldiers, some were the wives of soldiers. Someone mentioned that 16 lawyers were on this military base. I figured the lawyers couldn't be too bright if they worked for the military. I figured the lawyers had probably gone to work for the military straight out of law school.

As the train pulled out and the car began moving, I began thinking about my trial. I was definitely going to lie. The prosecution wouldn't have any evidence if I lied, and I should definitely be acquitted. But anything could happen in a trial. I was worried but stoic. And I was a bit surprised to realize that despite my disdain for the military, I still felt some respect for it.

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