Dream of: 18 May 2001 "Sandy Beach"

I was visiting my ex-brother-in-law James, who had been living near Fort Lauderdale for about a year. As we walked together along a white sandy beach, I asked him if he planned to stay there, and he replied that he thought he would. I told him I had hardly been able to believe it when I had first heard he had moved to Fort Lauderdale. Of course everyone, including myself, had visited Fort Lauderdale, but no one ever moved there.

James seemed like an old friend, and we were getting along very well. Even though I knew James was in his 50s, he only appeared to be in his 20s. He said something about seeing 40 again, and we made a little joke about how he couldn't go back.

A group of people slid past us on the sand. They were wearing flat shoes, and I was amazed at how the people could glide so fast and effortlessly over the sand on their shoes. I asked James about the gliding, and he said he wasn't able to glide well, and he said something about not being able to glide there. But it looked so interesting, I decided to try it. At first I couldn't glide, but then I shifted my weight and I was able to glide across the sand. The sensation was exhilarating. Finally I saw a furrow in the sand where people had been gliding, but I was unclear whether gliding was permitted in the furrow or not. James indicated that gliding was allowed in the furrow. I moved into the furrow and managed quite well. I simply shifted my weight until I was whizzing along in the furrow.

I continued gliding until our path turned up the side of a cliff. I was able to glide a short way up the cliff, but finally I had to begin climbing, and at last I had to climb through the limbs of a tree growing on the side of the cliff. James had gone on ahead of me and I lost sight of him in the tree.

Suddenly, I saw something startling: on a long branch of the tree which was sticking out over the cliff was standing a man. At first I thought the fellow was James, but then I realized he was another fellow (only about 19-20 years old). He was standing far out on the end of the limb, not holding on to anything. I looked down from the cliff – we were very high, probably 100 meters from the ground below. So obviously the fellow standing on the limb was acting recklessly. I began holding on to the tree as tightly as I could. But the fellow on the limb was walking around, even doing some kind of fancy moves. Suddenly, to my shock, he made the wrong move and fell off.

In my life, I had long thought of this moment, when someone first falls from a great height, and he realizes there is no turning back, no hope. What terror must strike! But as the fellow began falling, he didn't appear to be afraid; he seemed to know he was going to die. He pulled his knees to his chest, and rolled himself into a sort of ball. As he plummeted earthward, I couldn't look; I turned away and when I finally looked again, I could see his body spread out below on the sandy beach. People were already rushing to him. I didn't think he could have survived such a fall; he must be dead. I hollered to James, "Did you see that?"

I heard a muffled response from James indicating he had seen the disaster. I began to realize even more the danger of where I was and I clung even tighter to the tree. I just wanted to get out of here.

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