Dream of: 13 May 2001 "Governor Of Texas"

I was going to be named governor of Texas, to succeed George W. Bush, who was leaving the office of governor. A small group of powerful men in one of the political parties had chosen me to be the next governor. The swearing-in ceremony was going to take place at 4 p.m., and it was already almost 3 p.m. I was still getting dressed, putting on a suit, preparing to go to the ceremony.

I was excited about being governor. Wielding so much power was difficult to comprehend, and I didn't yet know how I would manage the office. I was also curious why I had been chosen; I wasn't well-known in political circles. I concluded that the men in power thought I would make a good puppet, that they would be able to control me. But I was determined that if I became governor, I would be my own man.

I finished getting ready and hurried off to the place where I would be sworn in. Finally I stood in front of a podium with a large crowd stretched out in front of me. Several older men in suits were standing around me. These were the men with the power who had decided I would become governor.

Almost immediately I began to sense something had gone wrong. One of the men began asking me questions about myself. He wanted to know if I were practicing law and whether I would have time to serve as governor. I told him that I was hardly practicing law at all and that I would have plenty of time to work as governor. But obviously something was amiss, or the man wouldn't be questioning me like that. As he continued with more questions, I noticed the crowd thinning out. Soon everyone had left except for me and the man questioning me. It was clear at that point that I wouldn't become governor – another man had been chosen in my place. I wasn't even told why I had been replaced. I seemed to remember that once in my distant past I had been arrested for a drug offense; but I had never been convicted. Had that old offense caused my rejection?

I finally walked away from the podium feeling extremely dejected, like a complete failure. I had been so close to becoming governor; now I was simply a reject. I could think of nothing positive about the situation. Finally, however, I thought at least I had been close to becoming governor; not many people could say that. Even though I hadn't succeeded, I had experienced something amazing, something I would never forget. Maybe the situation wasn't quite as grim as it seemed.

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