Dream of: 05 May 2001 "Attacking Indians"

I was sitting on a flat-bed train car, headed west across the United States. Many other people were also sitting on the car, including a couple of attractive women. The women were talking to other people but not to me. I finally called one of the two women to me. I vaguely knew her. When she came to me, I put my arms around her and held her. I asked her about her friend who was ignoring me. The other woman could hear me. I told the woman whom I was holding that the other woman couldn't find a man to take care of her, the way I was taking care of the woman whom I was holding. The other woman (who had a splotch of blood on her cheek) continued to ignore me. I thought about wiping the blood off the woman's cheek, but I didn't.

The woman whom I was holding asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to San Francisco. As I spoke of San Francisco, I realized I had an advantage in talking about San Francisco because I could envision the future development of the city. Thus I felt a bit self-important. I told the woman that San Francisco was still very far away and that I might get off the train here in this area for a while.

As we were talking, I was sitting on the railing which ran along the edge of the car. The woman suddenly pushed away from me, and in the process almost knocked me off the car; I had to catch my feet on something to keep from falling. We were over a deep ravine. The woman asked, "Did I scare you?'"

When I indicated she had scared me, she pushed me again. Again I regained my balance.

Suddenly the car stopped and began backing up. Someone hollered out, "Indians!"

I quickly realized we were being attacked by Indians. I couldn't see the Indians, but I could imagine them in their war attire riding on horses. I pushed into the maddened throng in the car and crouched down on the floor. The Indians were beginning to attack. 

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