Dream of: 02 May 2001 "Preludes"

I was lying on my back, reciting the poem "Preludes" by T.S. Eliot. An attractive woman (about 20 years old) was sitting beside me. Since my eyes were closed, I figured she thought I was talking in my sleep. And indeed, I wasn't entirely awake, although I knew perfectly well what I was doing. I hoped the woman would be impressed that I knew the poem so well. I continued through the first two stanzas, and finally arrived at the stanza which begins, "You tossed the blanket from your bed…," at which point I opened my eyes and looked at the woman.

She seemed quite interested in the poem. I told her I had memorized the poem long ago and I had recited it to myself countless times. I told her that when I used to recite the poem, I would generally learn something new about the poem and have new insights as to its meaning. But now I knew the poem so well, there was nothing new to learn. Instead, when I recited the poem now, I received new power – each time I recited the poem I became more powerful. The woman was obviously intrigued by this concept.

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