Dream of: 01 May 2001 "Recalcitrant Horse"

Dressed all in white, judge Schwille (about 60 years old) was sitting across from me, having a friendly discussion. I asked him how long he had been a judge in the Dallas county criminal court, but he didn't answer. He seemed disturbed about something, and finally he told me what was bothering him: two judges whom he had known had died the day before. One, a certain judge Bedard, had been the judge in Schwille's criminal court before Schwille had taken over many years ago. The other judge had overseen another court similar to Schwille's in Dallas County. We talked about the judges a while longer, until I finally took my leave.

My visit with Schwille had been one of several stops which I had to make. A woman was accompanying me, and we were traveling a specified course on horseback. She and I mounted the large brown horse we were riding and we continued on along a mountainous trail. We hadn't traveled far until we reached our next stop. Four or five American-Indian men, dressed in loincloths with bare chests, were waiting for us among some crags. One Indian walked up to me and handed me a large black bow and some arrows. While remaining on horseback, I was supposed to shoot an arrow into a nearby target; then we would be allowed to continue on the path to our next stop. However, I knew little about bows and arrows, and in my clumsiness, I managed to drop the bow and arrow to the ground. I dismounted the horse to retrieve the bow and arrows.

Once I was off the horse, the trouble began. The horse reared up on its hind legs, terrifying the woman still clinging to the horse's back. I also was terrified, because the horse seemed to have gone crazy, and it looked as if the horse intended to fall backwards on top of the woman, crushing her. However, the woman held on and the horse came down to its feet. Once again the horse reared up on its hind legs, and this time the horse went so far back, it was clearly going to fall over on its back. Just in time to avoid being crushed, the woman jumped from the horse and the horse fell on to its riderless back.

The horse struggled back to its feet, apparently uninjured. It made a dash toward some nearby brush and just as it was about to leap over the brush, one Indian grabbed the bridle of the horse and stopped it. The Indian led the horse back to me and handed me the bridle.

I took the bridle and held the horse, which towered over me, seeming twice the size of a normal horse. The horse stuck its muzzle hard in my face, pressing against my cheek. I knew that horses could bite, and that if the horse bit me on the cheek, I could be badly injured. Nevertheless, I felt somewhat in control of the horse, and I felt somewhat confident it wouldn't bite me. I liked the horse, and I couldn't understand why it was acting as it was; but I had the feeling the horse was more upset with the woman than with me. Maybe the horse only wanted me to ride it.

Whatever the cause of the horse's anxiety, I needed to calm the horse before I could continue on. I would have to take some time here with the horse. However, other people were also following this same path, stopping at the same places as we. Already I could see several thin Japanese people approaching this stopping place. They would be wanting to take the test here. I would just have to let them pass through and later I could continue after them. I was, however, surprised the Japanese were on foot and not riding horses; I hadn't known it was possible to travel this course on foot. Nevertheless, I didn't intend to continue on foot; as recalcitrant as my horse was, I still intended to keep it.

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