Dream of: 30 April 2001 "Hawthorne, Where Are You?"

I was a prisoner in a dark bleak cell in a jail which was more like a dungeon. The cell was probably three meters by three meters and had stone block walls. At least two other prisoners were in the cell with me. They were both probably in their 50s and were dressed in camouflage military gear. One was sitting in a chair, facing the cell door; the other was standing behind him. Both were holding rifles, prepared for a jail break.

Since the prisoners intended to attempt an escape, I was completely surprised when a guard came to the door and the prisoner sitting in the chair not only showed the guard the rifle, but also offered to give up the rifle to the guard. However, as soon as the guard stepped through the door to retrieve the rifle, another prisoner stepped up behind the guard and overpowered the guard. I was quite impressed with the ruse of the prisoner who had offered to give up the gun. He had fooled even me. The break was on!

Six of us escaped. After quickly exiting the prison walls, we began making our way along a two meter high wire fence with barbed wire across the top. I had thought we would all stick together for a while. Thus I was surprised when the three prisoners in front of me continued on along the fence, while the two behind me climbed over the fence and headed for a tree line on the other side of the fence. Obviously we were splitting up into two groups. I needed to make a decision which way to go, and I only had a few seconds to reflect. The man who had been sitting in the cell and who had offered up his rifle was one of the two who had climbed over the fence and headed for the trees. He seemed to be the smartest; I decided to go with him.

As I climbed over the fence, however, my pants became caught on the barbed wire and I had difficulty extricating myself. By the time I was free, the other two were already close to the tree line. Where were they ultimately headed? I was thinking about going to Guatemala. I knew if I decided to live in Guatemala, I could never send any mail from there, lest it be traced. But I could travel to Mexico, to Mexico City, and send mail. I pulled out a map which I thought might be of Mexico and Central American. Instead the map was of some islands in the Pacific Ocean. I hadn't thought about it before, but possibly I could go to the islands.

When I looked up from my map, I was startled to see the other two prisoners had vanished into the trees. I was stunned. If I lost them, I would be out there all alone. Remembering the older man's name was Hawthorne, I hollered out, "Hawthorne! Hawthorne, where are you?"

I thought I heard a sound come back from the trees. But the sound was more like a shriek. Maybe it was just a hawk. I might be alone.

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