Dream of: 28 April 2001 (2) "Mumbo Jumbo"

I had moved to Columbus, Ohio, into a house where I had once lived many years ago. The large frame house – near The Ohio State University– had been converted into a rooming house, with each room rented to a different person. As I sat on the floor of my bare second-story room, I could see someone in a room next to mine, and I recalled that the last time I had lived there, I had rented both rooms. It didn't much matter that I only had one room this time; I had no furniture and practically no possessions, and I would be spending almost all my time in this one room anyway.

When the fellow from the neighboring room walked into my room, I recognized him. He was a fellow named Walls whom I had known when I had previously lived in Columbus. He looked just like I remembered him (probably about 20 years old). Next my old friend Randy Ramey walked into the room and he also looked as if he were in his early 20s. Ramey only lived a few blocks away. I was glad to see him; it had been such a long time. He seemed pleasantly surprised to see I had returned to Columbus. He only stayed for a few minutes, then left. After he had gone, I wished I had been more effusive in greeting him; he might have left with the impression I hadn't been happy to see him.

From where I was sitting, I could look through the open door of my room and down the hallway to a room at the other end where quite a bit of activity seemed to be occurring; five or six people were moving around the room. Finally I stood and decided to go down the hall and introduce myself. When I reached the room at the end of the hall, I walked in and inquired as to who lived here. Someone said "she" was in the next room. I was surprised to learn a female would be living here; I had thought the house would be only filled with men. I waited for just a moment and "she" walked in.

She was a blonde (in her early 20s). She was dressed in a white bath robe and looked as if she had just taken a shower. She looked at me, I looked at her, and a flash of recognition passed between us. We both recalled we had known each other years ago and both of us were happy to see each other again. She looked very much like Laura San Giacomo, only with blonde hair. I couldn't remember for sure, but I thought her name was Sarah.

Almost instinctively I walked to her, put my arms around her and hugged her. She was about a 30 centimeters shorter than I, slender and almost fragile. Instead of letting go of me, she wanted to dance, and still holding her close to me in my arms, I began doing a two-step around the room. I was unaccustomed to dancing with strange women, but I managed passably well. A couple times she seemed to want to lead, but most of the time I led. We talked as we danced, and she asked me what I had been doing over the years, who my friends were. I told her I had moved around a lot and I hadn't made many friends. I told her I had also written quite a bit, mostly unfinished "mumbo jumbo." I was thinking of all the dreams I had written, how they were still mostly disorganized, but how I had begun to impose some order on them. I wasn't unhappy with my progress, since I felt I should be farther along.

We danced for a few more minutes while the others in the room continued watching us. Finally, without my even realizing it, she had slipped out of my arms, crawled into the bed in front of me, and completely covered herself with a white sheet. I continued dancing by myself, changing from the two step to the meringue. I had trouble remembering the exact steps to the meringue, and I shuffled my feet back and forth across the floor trying to master the steps. I asked her if she would like to get out of the bed and dance some more. When she didn't respond, I took the cue that it was time for me to leave.

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