Dream of: 28 April 2001 "Bear With A Collar"

Carolina and I were riding down a paved road in country area in our Chevy Lumina. As we passed by a road sign, I was surprised to see a brown bear cub hanging onto the top of the sign. I drove a short distance farther, stopped the car and turned around. When I returned to the sign, I stopped the car and looked more closely at the cub. It was probably a year old, and was obviously lost. I felt as if I should do something for it, but I didn't know what to do. I clearly couldn't catch the cub and put it in the back seat of the car; even though it was just a cub, it was fairly large and could still be dangerous. But I hated to just leave it here.

I became even more concerned when the cub climbed down from the sign and started ambling across the road. A car barely missed hitting the cub, and at one point the cub simply sat down in the road. When the cub began moving again, I saw it was wearing a brown collar and I hollered to Carolina, "It has a collar! It has a collar!"

I was uncertain what the collar meant, but I thought the bear might be someone's pet. Now I felt more than ever that I must doing something. Suddenly I saw something moving at the far side of the field along a tree line. I looked more closely and saw a large brown bear with another cub running across the field. I immediately realized that the large bear must be the mother of the cub with the collar, and that the mother was frantically trying to find her cub. I immediately jumped out of the car, ran over to the side of the road next to the field and began screaming at the mother bear, trying to draw her attention toward me and toward her collared cub, which was near me. Suddenly the mother bear stopped – she was probably only 50 meters from me. She looked at me, spotted her cub, and suddenly began charging toward me.

Now I was worried. I was about eight meters from the Lumina. I turned and ran back as fast as I could. If the mother reached me before I reached the car I was finished. I was hollering to Carolina as I ran, something about the door and the windows. Without looking back I made it to the door on the drivers side, jumped inside and shut the door. But the window was down, and I began frantically trying to roll it up. All the while I was thinking that I still might have miscalculated, and that the mother bear might simply attack the car and break through the windows, or at least badly scratch up and damage the car. I needed to start the car and get out of here as fast as I could.

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